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By Comments (0) December 15, 2021

18+ Best Business WordPress Themes of 2022

It’s really difficult! Searching for a suitable theme for your business website among thousands of themes. It’s like searching for a grain of rice in a desert. While the metaphor may sound too over the top but rest assured it’s not. Finding a theme itself is not difficult but the task to find the best business WordPress themes for your online business is what’s hard. 

There are many things to keep in mind when searching for a business theme– design, functionality, speed, budget, etc. In this article, you will find a list of themes that are suitable for any type of business website. Read more for details.


A good business website needs to be eye-catching, well designed, and packed with awesome features. It’s all for the sake of attracting traffic online. Consultio is one of the best business WordPress themes at the moment. Sure, there are many other WordPress themes for business, but no other provides so many features yet is so affordable at the same time.

Consultio is fully responsive to different devices and comes retina-ready. So, you don’t need to out of your way to make sure your website is compatible with mobile devices. The installation is easier as well thanks to its one-click installation feature. You can load demo content after installing Consultio. Everything is else is easy. Replace the demon content with your content. 

Among other features, there are advanced typography options, compatibility with contact form 7, Cafepress framework, and many more. Consultio is truly one of the best WordPress themes for business


We will begin with the Glow. It is one of the best business WordPress themes that confidently boasts a one-click demo install facility. The theme is well built, and the Elementor has been implemented, providing drag and drop page building functionalities.
It’s an all-in-one business solution theme that requires no extra coding knowledge. It is fully responsive, retina-ready, and comes with several pre-injected tools such as contact form 7, WooCoomerce and WPML ready, and many other goodies.


Up next comes the Rich business consulting WordPress theme. When picking one of the best WordPress themes for business, this can be it. It is a clean theme with a modern design and gives you a fully responsive and highly customizing facility.
Here, you get the Elementor page builder’s flexibility and one-click demo install facility. Its filterable portfolio and advanced typography feature are impressive. Thanks to HTML 5 and CSS3, and the latest bootstrap, users can get smooth transition and functionality throughout its UI.


Among countless premium WordPress business themes, Intime is one of the top WordPress themes for business. The features this theme brings to the table are always required to run a functional business website online. Not to mention, it comes at a reasonable price. 

Intime comes with different demos, so you can try out different styles for your site. If you don’t like any of them, you can customize the site within a short time thanks to the drag & drop builder. Who doesn’t like a website that can view from any type of screen?

Nowadays, people like to use easy-to-use mobile devices to access websites. Therefore, it’s essential your website is compatible. Intime is completely responsive and retina-ready for multiple screens. 

Many business owners count Intime among the best business WordPress themes. Who wouldn’t! It’s a theme that’s fully responsive, has an amazing header and footer style, is compatible with the most popular WordPress widgets, supports google fonts, and doesn’t require coding thanks to the Elementor page builder. 


Niobis is a theme suitable for finance, corporate, financial, lawyers, agencies, and all kinds of online businesses. Thanks to the professional look and eye-catching features, Niobis has earned a great amount reputation amongst small business owners. When you see the price tag you might get surprised by how low it is. Especially, given so many quality features Niobis offer.

While Niobis is a multi-purpose theme, it’s also one of the best corporate themes. It comes with multiple amazing demos that help you build the site faster. Niobis comes with the Elementor page builder, so you can modify the pages swiftly without any technical knowledge. Niobis is fully compatible with mobile devices. Not to mention, this theme is SEO friendly.


PathSoft is a relatively new theme compared to the other theme in this list. However, it’s been seeing a rise in popularity recently. If you are looking for the best business WordPress themes, but have a tight budget, you can try out PathSoft. It has many features of a premium WordPress theme but comes at a cheaper price. 

PathSoft is best known for speed. Most people like a website that’s fast. You don’t need to worry about your page loading slowly and losing your visitors with PathSoft. This multi-purpose theme is fully controllable with its interactive dashboard. You can customize the typography however you want. 

It’s always best to invest in your website theme. However, not everyone has the budget to purchase top WordPress themes for business. PathSoft is a saving grace for such people. You can check out this multi-purpose theme now. 


What are the similarities between the best business WordPress themes and your run-of-the-mill generic themes? Speed, security, features, and budget to name a few. There are many other things you must think about before building a business website. 

Prysm is a theme that fits all the requirements for business websites. No matter what kind of business site you need, finance, consultation, advisor, Prysm can handle it all. It supports Elementor, making it easier to customize your site.

Don’t want to waste time? No worry. Prysm comes with many demo designs with inner pages. You can try any of the demos and if needed, customize the content yourself. This not only saves you time but also allows you to save the trouble of hiring an external developer which saves you money too.


Known as one of the best business WordPress themes, ITSoft is well known for its versatility. However, you should not look down just because it’s not specialized. IT-Soft doesn’t lose compared to other commercial WordPress themes. It’s also one of the best small business WordPress themes. Let’s find out why!

IT-Soft comes with many pre-packed designs with Elementor and King-Composer, so you can easily customize your website however you want. The best part is that if you don’t have the budget to hire a developer, you don’t need to. Because of the pre-packed demo designs, there’s no need for coding. 

IT-Soft comes with many different demo designs and headers with Elementor and King-Composer builder. Of course, the theme is fully responsive and ready to use for different devices along with many other attractive features. 


Valiance is a new theme that has taken small business owners by surprise. While being new, it’s been receiving good reviews from the users. Valiance focuses on versatility while retaining a professional and modern look. Of course, it comes at a reasonable price, making it the perfect choice for new businesses. 

Like other themes in this list, Valiance also comes with pre-packed demo designs. This ensures your site-building is fast and easy. The Elementor page builder allows you to modify and add your content to the site quickly. The built-in admin panel is easy to use and requires no experience. 

It’s easy to search for the best business WordPress themes, but finding one is much more difficult. If you are hesitating and not sure what to choose among the countless themes, you can try out the Valiance theme for your new business website. 


A theme that truly deserves the name it has. Cando is a theme that can do anything other premium WordPress business themes can do. While it’s a multi-purpose theme, it’s also one of the best business WordPress themes if you are on a budget.

The creation of a business website comes with a lot of problems, choosing a suitable theme, hosting, designing, and most importantly the budget. Most new business owners can not afford to do all the things mentioned. So, what to do? Use a theme that can do everything for you.

Cando comes with multiple pre-built demo designs for your site. You can choose and install any one of the demos with a one-click installation. You can add or modify the content easily with the Elementor page builder. The best part of it? Cando is designed for all the best practices of SEO. So, you don’t need to get out of your way to ensure your site is SEO-friendly. 

TheSaaS X

When you are beginning a startup, you will need a website along with it. TheSaaS X is a well-known theme for startup websites. It has built a reputation for years and if you are searching for a theme that can go with your new website, try out TheSaaS X.

This theme comes with multiple templates for you to choose from. These pre-built templates help you build your new site faster. The built-in visual page builder allows you to modify and add content to the pages easily. The SaaS X comes with various headers ensuring your website looks unique. 

Loved by many business owners, TheSaaS X is among the best WordPress themes for business. Countless amazing features and the low price makes it a perfect choice for a new business site. 


Avada is known as one of the best WordPress themes for business among many startups online. One of the prominent features of Avada lies in its unique design and performance wizard that allows you to run the site efficiently.

You can install the theme with just one click, no need to go through any extra steps. You can control the typography or color of the site however with the global palette and typography control options. 

The Avada WooCommerce Builder ensures you can run your business without any coding knowledge. If you need an online website that is compatible with most devices, you can try it out as Avada is 100% mobile-friendly.


When you are a startup business owner online, no one will blame you for browsing around the web for the best business WordPress themes. There are countless amount of themes on the internet. It’s a strenuous job, not to mention if you are a business owner, you should be doing something else rather than searching for a theme. 

Betheme makes the job easier for you. Regardless of your business type, budget, or features, Behteme is bound to make you satisfied. This theme comes with many features that will be loved. The biggest plus point is that Betheme can be afforded by almost anyone. Pre-built demos, easily used admin panel, professional design are among the few benefits of Betheme.


A simple name, isn’t it? But rest assured, contrary to its name, BuildWall is a theme that doesn’t lose against even top-class premium themes. BuildWall is specifically designed for construction business sites online. 

However, don’t let that deceive you. While BuildWall is best for construction business sites, but you can use this theme for most kinds of business. Thanks to its multiple layouts and designs, you can use this theme for an architect, corporate, moving, renovation, painting, and many more online businesses. 

There are reasons why BuildWall has good reviews online. A few reasons can be thanks to the layouts of this theme are gorgeous and professional. You can edit the headers and footers according to the content of your site. Of course, there are many other features that make BuildWall a good choice. But we will leave it to your discretion.


You can guess by the name but Techno is a theme geared towards IT and technical websites. That means if you have an IT company online or thinking of creating a technical website, Techno will be the perfect theme choice. However, since it’s a multi-purpose theme, you can use it for other online businesses as well.

Techno gives you a wide range of choices when it comes to design. The demos give you an idea of how your site should be. Not to mention, you can customize the demo designs however you want. The Elementor and KingComposer allow you to modify the site in just a few clicks, no need to be a coder or developer.


If you want your business to succeed online, you’ll need the best business WordPress themes for your sites. Nifty is a theme that’s been created for the sake of online businesses. It’s perfect for startup business owners who neither have the budget nor manpower.

The drag and drop builder ensures you can build your website in the shortest time possible. Nifty is like a super theme that comes with demo home pages with distinct styles. It comes with WooCommerce, so you can set up your online business easily. 

Nifty also comes with the latest contact form 7. It also comes with other eye-catching features like Google fonts, the latest WordPress compatibility, child theme, mobile-friendly, and more.


Tower is one of the best WordPress themes for business, no question asked. It’s a theme that’s been around for quite a while and it has built a loyal base of clients that prefers to use Tower more than other premium themes. 

If you compare tower to other top-class themes, you will see Tower has many features like them. The difference is? Price, manpower, and effort. Of course, if you want to build a top business online, you will require all the three mentioned. 

But most of the time, it can be difficult if you are starting out. So, it’s better to use a theme like Tower that will allow you to build a functional site fast with a variety of features and at a reasonable price at that.  


It’s been mentioned over and over again that it’s difficult when you are starting out. You’ll need to mind your budget, not to mention a lack of manpower. Hopefully, this article albeit a little will help you with the most difficult part. That is, selecting the best business WordPress themes for your online business.

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