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Refund Policy

ThemeXRiver will assess refund requests only if the requester has a ThemeXRiver account. Then, the type of item and the nature of the issue will be considered before taking any action.

We recommend a buyer find a solution for the issue (if the refund request is due to an issue found in an item) before placing a refund request. He should

  1. Read the installation guide and the documentation of the item,
  2. Read the description to find a solution
  3. Contact our dedicated support team to solve the issue
  4. Search for the solution on the Google query page, Facebook support groups, and other problem-solving communities


When a Refund will be Applicable

A buyer will be eligible to request a refund for a product if the below terms are satisfied:

  1. If the product has an issue or shows any error and we fail to provide a viable solution for it.
  2. If the buyer doesn’t download the product even after making a successful purchase (NB: ThemeXRiver keeps logs for every downloaded item).
  3. The product is completely non-functional (NB: Only applicable for themes and plugins).
  4. If the buyer doesn’t get a response within 48 hours after he places a request for support (Weekends will be exempted).


When a Refund Shound’t be Expected

A buyer can’t place a refund request if:

  1. He feels a sudden change of mind and decides not to use the product.
  2. He bought a product by mistake, and/or the product delivered was already downloaded by him.
  3. He fails to provide the necessary access the support team asks for.
  4. He buys/bought at the product at a discounted or special price.
  5. He fails to raise a single ticket, noticing the issue that he wants a refund for within 30 days after the purchase.