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Support Policy

ThemeXRiver strongly believes in data privacy and conveys every measure to secure our users’ data. Our Privacy Policy states every detail about how we collect and store our users’ data, the technology we use for collecting and storing them, and how we use and share them. We recommend our users read through all the information on this page and understand it properly.

About ThemeXRiver

We are a body of designers, developers, marketers, and sellers who develop and sell WordPress themes and plugins under the name ThemeXRiver. ThemeXRiver runs its business via a website running on the domain We also run campaigns to market our products via different social media channels. While doing so, we take caution to protect the privacy and data of our valued customers.


When you are browsing or buying products from ThemeXRiver, we assume that you have read all of our Privacy Policy and also our Terms and Conditions


You must also know that our policy solely applies to the products we develop and own. To any other entities that ThemeXRiver does not own or maintain or persons that are not directly unrecognizable as our employees and agents or within our control, this policy will not apply.

Type of Data We Collect

As you start browsing ThemeXRiver, spontaneous data collection begins. We primarily collect two types of data


Personal information: All the personal information you use while registering and data you put in a form field to subscribe or place an order.


Non-professional information: Your IP address, type, and name of the browser you use, as well as the information you save on our website.

Underage Policy

ThemeXRiver requires a user to be at least 18 years old or older to browse or purchase a product from our website. We don’t collect, knowingly, any personal or impersonal information of a person under the age of 18. We appreciate our users letting us know if such a case happens so that we can take proper measures.


How We Use Personal Information

Use of Data: ThemeXRiver uses collected data, especially a user’s identification, along with other general information, to process an order, contact, send a newsletter, deliver products, and provide support. All the impersonal data are mostly used to improve service.

Data collection intent: Our intent behind collecting all data is to recognize a user as a valid subscriber, patron, or customer and notice/deliver products or different marketing materials. We prohibit our users from subscribing to our newsletter, purchasing products, or interacting with ThemeXRiver anonymously or with false information.


Third-party data sharing: ThemeXRiver vows not to share data collected from our website with third-party bodies. We preserve no intention or seek no gain by revealing people’s personal information, name, email, contacts, and everything subject to laws and regulations. We ensure that our users have complete data privacy and that only our dedicated administrators can access our user data. Moreover, we allow users to access, modify, and delete their data whenever they want.


Data Retention: ThemeXRiver stores and processes users’ data as long as they don’t delete any particular datum or his/her account or unsubscribe. (Subject to laws and regulations)

Third-Party Integration and Links

ThemeXRiver markets and sells several third-party products on its website. All these third-party products follow their dedicated privacy policies. ThemeXRiver holds itself beyond the responsibilities and liabilities for third-party content and services.


ThemeXRiver uses cookies on its website to identify, store, and track its users, as well as their actions and website preferences while browsing the site. We also have affiliate programs to market and further boost the sales of our products, providing opportunities for anyone who wants to earn a fair amount of money.


The affiliate program requires cookies to be stored in the visitor’s browser. The cookies store the IP of a visitor and the time of his visits. Any user who doesn’t want their information to be stored should turn off cookies from the browser setting. A general warning states that when someone turns cookies down on their browser, certain website functionalities may not work.

Procedures for Data Breach

We will promptly notify our users about the incident for any data breach like alteration, loss, access, unauthorized disclosure, storage, personal data transmission, or otherwise processing.

Data Handling

Our users can request any kind of access, modification, download or deletion of their personal data and comments posted under their ThemeXRiver accounts. This excludes data required to maintain security and administrative or legal procedures.


To request any kind of data processing or handling, our users can contact our dedicated support team via email.

Policy Update

ThemeXRiver can modify this Privacy Policy, if needed, at any time. Whenever a change or modification occurs, it will published on this page. The latest big or crucial update will be described here. Newsletters and other promotional items will also spread the idea.

Last updated on 9th March 2024.

ThemeXRiver possesses and reserves the right to change, modify, or delete any policy without providing any prior notice.