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12+ Best Cleaning Company WordPress Themes 2022

Are you looking for cost-effective yet professional cleaning company WordPress themes? Look no further. In this article, you’ll know all about the themes that are best suitable for cleaning companies while being cost-efficient. Let’s get right into it.


Best Cleaning Company WordPress themes

There’s no particular ranking when it comes to the best cleaning company WordPress themes; however, Bixol is the first name that comes to mind. There are appropriate reasons behind that. First of all, the appearance of this theme is perfect for the cleaning industry. One does not need to venture inside a website to know what business the site is for. That’s how suitable Bixol is. Now, if you are a business that may not convince you to check out Bixol, but that’s not all Bixol has. This theme features one-click demo install features to preview what your site will look like after the customization, saving you time during installation. Anyone can see the most popular WordPress Plugins.

Furthermore, there are 10+ 1 page and multiple-page demos, so you can take your time choosing how your site will look the best. Fully compatible with Elemantor for improved efficiency when customizing live. The responsive design ensures your website is retina-ready for all devices. There are many other eye-catching features Bixol has that other cleaning services WordPress themes don’t.


When it comes to business themes, not only cleaning company WordPress themes, Intime is one of the best. This theme is built with business in mind. In other words, while it’s suitable for cleaning industries it could also be used in other business sites. However, that does not mean Intime is inferior to other specialized themes that are geared towards cleaning companies. Why? It’s because Intime has all the features you may want from a specialized theme.

Most importantly, Intime has a professional look along with a responsive design that’s compatible with most devices. Fully retina-ready, so no need to worry about the graphics of your website. Comes with a drag and drop builder, so customizing is easier. Comes with an amazing header and footer style that doesn’t lose to specialized themes.

Cleaning Services

Given the name, this theme probably does not require much explaining. However, for the sake of clarity, it should be better to put out the features of Cleaning Services. Just as you are imagining, this theme is a unique and modern designed theme completely geared towards cleaning companies. This makes it one of the best cleaning services WordPress themes. However, if it’s only this much Cleaning Services will not be here.

So, what makes it one of the best cleaning company WordPress themes? As mentioned above, this is a theme that’s been built with the cleaning industry in mind. However, there’s more. Its sharp design is responsive and retina-ready for most devices. Clean code for smooth running and unlimited color among many other features.


When you think of multi-purpose, it probably leaves a bad taste in mind. It’s reasonable when you think about how multi-purpose themes work. However, Conall is different from your run-of-the-mill themes. Now, you may ask where? The biggest reason is that Conall’s features aren’t that much different from specialized ones. The only difference is Conall is more reasonably priced while bringing the main features you may want for your cleaning website.

Easy-to-customize dashboard, drag and drop builder, one-click demo, retina-ready responsive design are among the most significant features of this theme. Different from what you expected? Not much different from your expensive and specialized theme, is it? Only, a bit cheaper.


Just like Conall, Soho is yet another multi-purpose theme. And yet again same as Conall, a top-quality theme with many high-end features that cleaning businesses would love. Difference? Again the same with Conall, price. However, there are differences between the two. Soho has an amazing appearance that retains the modern and professional look while exuding elegance. There are many features of Soho. Among them, these features stand out the most.

A unique and elegant appearance, advanced admin panel, countless colors and font, clean coding, responsive design, retina-ready, SEO-optimized. Many features right? You may feel dubious about the performance given these many features. However, Soho has been getting high praises from cleaning businesses, so no need to worry about Soho’s credibility.


Lounge is one of the best cleaning company WordPress themes. It’s not empty words. When you see a theme that’s been perfectly tailored and built for cleaning services, you cannot help but nod about its performance. Lounge is such a theme that has that much credibility. It’s a theme that has a design that looks attractive to the eyes. And an attractive design also attracts visitors, converting the visitors into potential leads. The design also ensures your website is fully compatible and retina-ready for most devices.


Waxomis a unique theme that suits cleaning companies well while retaining its modern look and quality as a multi-purpose theme. However, that does not mean it loses against other cleaning services WordPress themes. That’s how good Waxom is. As mentioned above, it has a unique and modern design that looks attractive from any angle. The responsive design ensures your mobile devices consumers are not having trouble accessing your site. There are other eye-catching features like unlimited colors and font, one-click demo content, a powerful panel, and premium sliders.


If you are looking for high-quality cleaning company WordPress themes, Laundry is the right one for the job. The clean and modern look paired with versatile features makes it one of the best cleaning services WordPress themes. Not to mention, the name already spoils what it’s good for. But that doesn’t take away what this theme is capable of. Laundry is a perfect choice if you have an online laundry services website.

Laundry comes with amazing features that every online business owner will love. It’s responsive and retina-ready making it look attractive on any type of screen. Comes with premium plugins and pre-made inner pages, so you don’t have to spend hours making your site. There are also many other features like SEO-optimized source code, bootstrap, WPML, HTML5, etc.


You need to include Grecko when compiling the best cleaning company WordPress themes list. Why? Simply because Grecko is one of a kind, multi-purpose theme that’s also perfectly suitable for cleaning services business websites. However, while its multi-purpose does not mean it falls short of other specialized themes. Rather, it’s one of the best cleaning services WordPress themes in the market right now. There’s also the fact it can be used for other online businesses.

Thanks to its trendy and elegant design, Grecko can be used in any kind of online business website. However, it’s best suitable for cleaning sites. Grecko comes with many high-end features that you would not find in any other. It’s easy to edit pages and add color to your website thanks to Grecko’s easy-to-easy customizer. Pre-build shortcodes make it easier and faster to build your site. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind theme, Grecko can be your go-to choice.


Why go for highly-priced specialized themes when you can have everything you are looking for in one theme? Kona is a multi-purpose, professional, and reasonably priced theme that will provide you with everything you may require for your online cleaning business site. Now, you may feel a bit reluctant at the word “multi-purpose” but you can rest assured Kona is different from your average cleaning company WordPress themes. Read on and you’ll understand.

Kona is a modern and clean WordPress theme that retains the features of both a specialized theme and a multi-purpose theme. Thanks to that, it’s been up in popularity recently. It’s especially popular amongst online cleaning businesses. Kona is retina-ready and responsive so visitors would love your site. Easy to use page builder saves your time. Kona is a theme to keep in mind when building a cleaning business online.


The name explains it all. Cleanco is a theme that’s considered as one of the best cleaning company WordPress themes nowadays. Of course, there are proper reasons behind why cleaning companies online love Cleanco loves it so much. Especially, since its new 3.0 version release, it’s seeing a rise in popularity. The new version brings a lot to the table that online cleaning businesses love. Let’s see what specifically they love to see from Cleanco.

Its powerful and clean design looks good in the eyes, as a result, improving your site traffic. However, it’s not only the appearance that’s good about Cleanco. This theme is responsive and compatible with most devices. It’s easy to install your site thanks to its easy-to-use page builder and dashboard. You can save a lot of time and money when you use Cleanco.


Dalton is a well-known multi-purpose cleaning WordPress theme that’s been on the rise in recent years. With many good reviews from users and a rise in popularity, Dalton is surely the first-choice theme when it comes to cleaning company services businesses online. But what makes it different from your average run-to-mill theme in the market? Let’s find out.

Dalton comes with unique homepages that will give your site a unique touch, different from others. The modern and powerful design gives off a grandiose appearance, loved by business owners of all kinds. Dalton is retina-ready and responsive towards most devices, so no need to go out your way and optimize it for different devices. Not much time to waste? Thanks to the pre-made page builder and custom shortcodes it’s faster and easier to install your website. If you are looking for a cleaning service WordPress theme, you must keep Dalton in mind.

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