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Best NFT Website Template

A NFT website templates provide secure ownership rights, immutability, and immutability for asset owners. Nevertheless, the first was originally a requirement that a chain like Tron or Ethereum imposed on its users. It is possible to build your own NFT marketplace site. With the closing of museums, art galleries, and auction houses, a revolutionary era has begun for art lovers.

However, It is most efficient to create a WordPress NFT website to assist painters, artists, auctioneers, and collectors in purchasing and selling their digital art tokens. Additionally, The NFT market has risen to the top of the virtual economy, and WordPress NFT websites may enable you to create one without any coding skills.

Best NFT website templates


Appilo is one of the most significant NFT website templates. It is an innovative and unique WordPress theme that features cutting-edge technology. In this theme, you will observe that all the files are well-organized. Furthermore, the theme is easy to navigate. Compatible with all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. 

Additionally, Appilo is also a health and medical WordPress theme that can be used by any company inside the industry. Additionally, you can use the available demos to quickly create your desired website. Appilo also includes a parallax effect, scroll animations, 20+ custom WPBakery elements, a multi-level menu, and handy shortcodes. In short, whichever kind of medical website you intend to launch, you can do it in a breeze with Appilo.


  • Revolution Slider included 
  • Header Builder
  • Footer Builder
  • Clean & Modern Design
  • Cool CSS3 animations
  • Responsive and Retina ready
  • SEO optimized design


SaaSio is another most significant NFT website templates. Moreover, It is the most popular single page HTML template on the market. Moreover, it’s incredibly adaptable, offering many features. Many professionals use it because of the large number of appealing designs available and the demonstrations. However, it’s ideal for nooks and crannies.

It’s a Bootstrap 4.0, HTML5, and CSS3-based HTML template. Additionally, it can be used to create personal websites, portfolios, and online restaurants, among other things. Moreover, it has various visual effects and features that we encourage you to explore.


  • 80+ AMAZING Home Variations.
  • Modern and Clean Design
  • Valid HTML5.
  • Based on Bootstrap 4
  • Scrolling menu
  • With an awesome look.
  • SEO-ready HTML5 files
  • For cross browser compatibility.
  • One-page layout with smooth scroll.
  • Use of Google fonts.
  • A dedicated support team.
  • Updates for free

3. Nuron

The Nuron is a NFT website template that has a lot of features and is coded in HTML, CSS, and JS. It is also suitable for any NFT market activity, and you will have no problem ranking well on search engines since the template has been optimized for SEO.

One of the easiest to use templates available is Nuron. Moreover, it is easy to use and adapt as you develop and customize it to meet your specific needs. The source code of the software is straightforward to read and comprehend. Nuron’s documentation is very comprehensive. A website built on it is able to perform smoothly because of its remarkable coding.

Nuron offers over nine homepage sample versions. It is sufficient to create a fully functional website with more than 20 inner pages. Moreover, you may edit the NFT landing page on the NFT Marketplace website design to match your corporate identity.

Nuron offers some of the best display features on the market. Moreover, you can activate the sticky header, which highlights your brand. It features a filterable gallery for displaying photographs on your website. Additionally, nuron includes a video player that seamlessly integrates with the popup function.


  • Scrolling animations
  • In the notification bar
  • For over 40 elements
  • Of the wallet connection page
  • There is fast loading
  • Across all modern browsers
  • Powerful mega menu

4. Monteno

The Monteno NFT portfolio template is ideal for use with any NFT project. Moreover, the application is easy to use and features a responsive design that adapts to a variety of screen sizes. Due to the pixel-perfect nature of Monteno, it can adapt to any device and appear as intended. Nonetheless, it will appear fantastic on high-resolution monitors since it is also Retina-ready.

Its unique, simple design gives your website a new look. Moreover, the NFT marketplace website template is easy to edit, so you can create the exact site you are looking for very quickly. The Monteno template is available in unlimited colors. Therefore, you can devote more time to enhancing your branding.

Monteno lets you show your website both boxed and comprehensive. The NFT marketplace website template’s Ajax Contact Form makes it simple for users or customers to contact the template. Using Monteno’s parallax effect, you can expect the finest presentations no matter where the products are used.


  • Icons from Font Awesome
  • Using the Gilroy font
  • Carousel of Owls 
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • regularly updated

5. RareNFT

RareNFT is another most valuable NFT website templates. Moreover,  HTML templates are designed to meet the needs of the modern crypto art industry. Using the NFT approach, we will purchase and sell a variety of digital art items. As a result, users will become more familiar with the NFT and will be able to convert things into digital money.

The site will also securely store all information pertaining to authors, buyers, and sellers. Additionally, the application uses HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap5, and SAAS, as well as superior UI/UX design. Despite this, it is a user-friendly platform that allows you to buy, sell, and collect cash quickly. Therefore, it is simple to utilize for promoting digital art and collecting cryptocurrencies.

The Elementor theme comes with a colorful design and many customization options. In addition, you may utilize this template bundle to build a website for the NFT agency. Furthermore, RareNFT is a fast-loading, user-friendly design that won’t slow down your site. Consider this dynamic design if you wish to improve your sales and conversion rate.


  • The home page
  • Has a Discover section 
  • Containing item details 
  • Author information  
  • On the contact page 

6. NFTrade

NFT Trade features a collection of NFT selling marketplace website designs that are easily integrated with Elementor and powerful page builders. If you want to build a great, dynamic NFT website from scratch, try Templately’s NFTrade template and adjust the content or design.

This trade may use a template bundle to create NFT shops, NFT agencies, Crypto marketplaces, and digital asset auction sites, among other things. With five attractive landing pages, this premium template will assist you for making an NFT website.


  • Creation of multi-chain NFTs
  • Through cross-chain and multi-chain exchanges
  • Allowing peer-to-peer trading
  • As well as NFT farming
  • On a Launchpad
  • Social interaction.

7. Gigaland

Gigaland is one of the most attractive NFT marketplace templates available. The template includes 140 pages for working. Further, you can select 20 homepages from which to make the most favorable first impression. Gigaland is designed using the latest Bootstrap version. Therefore, your website will be highly responsive.

You may wish to make your website multilingual during construction, and Gigaland makes this easy. Moreover, You can also adopt the RTL version, it allows you to display content in Arabic, Persian and Hebrew. On the other hand, the  RTL languages are also supported on your website. As a result, Gigaland is able to auto-adapt photos to your viewers’ screens, providing the most favorable possible experience.

Nevertheless, it has a cool four-in-one design with bright, dark, gray, and vintage options. Gigaland allows you to add CSS3 animations to your content displays. You may wish to add animated components that move with the user as the page is scrolled in order to enhance the user experience. 


  • Contact Form in PHP
  • Using Font Awesome 
  • ET-Line Icons
  • For free lifetime updates
  • Bootstrap components
  • Wallet and rankings pages.

8. Raroin

Raroin is another excellent NFT marketplace platform template. In addition, it has a unique design and provides three homepage alternatives, all of which are excellent. Furthermore, it contains marketplace pop-ups that you may customize to match your website’s general mood, as well as a variety of interior pages.

Like Gigaland, Raroin uses Bootstrap 5, the most recent version. Furthermore, this will result in a fully responsive and mobile-friendly website. The modern aesthetic of the template makes it easily adaptable to almost any brand. However, the color palette and style of Raroin are exquisite.

The components of the NFT website template allow for file-wide and straightforward editing. Consequently, you can easily update your website on a global scale. Furthermore, Raroin offers beautiful pages that can be customized with a variety of Google Web Fonts. However, you may also utilize Remix icons sets. The submenu that comes with the template is quite attractive.


  • SCSS based on components.
  • Containing multiple headers.
  • Support for all modern browsers.
  • Excellent support.
  • for lifetime updates.
  • Extensive documentation.

9. Crypterium

Crypterium is a high quality design and fully responsive NFT WordPress theme. Furthermore, it has a beautiful design and valuable features. Several weeks ago, the Bitcoin WordPress theme invaded our lives via blockchain technology, allowing us to take on significant responsibilities to ensure our future.

Additionally, you will need a visually compelling design and a solid administration system for your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency endeavors. However, Crypterium is a WordPress theme for NFT marketplaces that can handle all of your ICO and Crypto Coin needs. With shortcode, you can create unlimited pages with hundreds of click-to-build options.

This theme was built using WPBakery Page Builder. WPBAKERY Visual Composer shortcode components let you create endless and customized pages. Moreover, You can edit the pre made pages in One click Import. The colors you can change without coding knowledge or skill. However, It is WooCommerce compatible. You can create a shop with this, and your website will load more quickly.


  • History of the ICO
  • Simple Page Builder
  • Revolution Slider
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • With WPML support
  • Single click demo data installation and XML export.

10. Toka

It is a fantastic NFT WordPress theme that will satisfy all your needs. In addition, it is an excellent theme for ICOs, cryptocurrency, Web3, DApps, tokens, crypto trading, blockchain applications, and financial technology websites. 

It is a well designed theme, and you can customize it without requiring any technical know. Additionally, it includes a variety of exciting homepages and layouts. Therefore, you will not need to use the Elementor Pro page builder first.

The most important thing is that Toka is a fully mobile device friendly and SEO-optimized theme. In contrast, it allows you to import demos and launch your cryptocurrency website quickly. Additionally, the theme is compatible with Elementor, WooCommerce, and translation plugins


  • Front-end theme customizer
  • Allows full customization of content layout
  • Beautiful scroll animations
  • Customize colors easily
  • SEO friendly

11. Hoverex

The hoverex theme is a smooth and reliable NFT wordpress theme, designed specifically for financial and cryptocurrency websites. This theme is especially suitable for ICOs and business departments. It also includes crypto-specific plugins. Therefore, it is a suitable NFT marketplace wordpress theme that features a solid foundation and a contemporary design.

You accept contributions and payments in real money or cryptocurrencies such as NFT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Moreover, it’s time to start building your website using WPBakery, Elementor. It will be a unique layout and efficiently operate in a drag and drop manner.

In that case, you have to choose from various pre built customized layouts on your website. Additionally, they all offer a distinctive, bright style with two readymade locales EN and ES. With this in mind, all you have to do is import a demo with a single click.

Hoverex is entirely mobile-friendly with sliders and a scroll bar. It’s one of the most NFT website templates. Moreover, you can customize retina displays. It uses an extension called ThemeREX to handle all custom post kinds, API keys, and social profiles. 

However, you can also alter the header and footer easily using ThemeREX. There is no need to be concerned about search engines. Since the theme is SEO optimized, you will not have to worry about your online content being compromised. Additionally, the most important aspect of working with Hoverex is that you will never experience any difficulties since Hoverex offers responsive customer service. 


  • Design that is professional.
  • Yet modern, flexible, and customizable.
  • Including Slider Revolution and Swiper Slider.
  • Integration with WPBakery Page Builder.
  • so you can easily customize any page.
  • WPBakery Page Builder lets you customize header and footer layouts.

12. Ethoz 

ETHOZ is a stylish and creative NFT Marketplace Website Template. This theme covers crypto collectibles, digital assets, non-fungible tokens, and other websites. The template was designed using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 5, and SASS. As a result, Ethoz is not only beautiful, but it also provides the best user experience.

Ethoz includes three homepages and over twenty internal pages. Furthermore, you can use these pre-built samples as a starting point for your website or customize them to suit your needs. This template is fully responsive and looks wonderful on all devices. In addition, it includes desktops, laptops, tablets, iPads, iPhones, and Android phones and tablets. Nevertheless, this template’s design is pixel-perfect, sleek, and contemporary. 


  • Bootstrap and SASS.
  • Six Homepages.
  • Twenty plus Inner Pages.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Trendy and unique layout.
  • Perfect, Clean and Modern Layout.
  • Well Commented Code.
  • Friendly Code with developing.
  • W3C Validated Code.
  • Efficiently Customizable.
  • Google Fonts and Phosphor Icons.
  • Compatible with All Browsers.

13. Makram

Makram is a trendy NFT Marketplace website template. Moreover, It makes Bootstrap 5 Templates. This article will discuss design, a subject that isn’t well-known to all users. However, NFT stands for a non-fungible token, a novel online payment system based on electronic money. Each NFT is one-of-a-kind and only exists in a single copy. However, all information about the creator, buyer, and transactions with it is securely stored on the blockchain.

The most notable feature of this theme is its interface. Individuals may learn more about NFT and acquire it for their own purposes. This is a bitcoin marketplace where you can purchase a wide variety of items, such as domain names and works of art.


  • Responsive, works on all devices.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • Modern and clean design
  • Validated by W3C.
  • Based on Bootstrap 4.
  • Icons from Font Awesome.
  • Very well documented.
  • Customizable.
  • Nicely commented code.
  • Unique icons.
  • Quick and friendly support.

14. NFTPro

A HTML template for the modern crypto art industry, NFTPro is designed with new features and technology. Moreover, it will be utilized to purchase and sell many forms of digital art items. However, it will assist users in becoming better acquainted with the NFT and converting things to digital money. 

Additionally, the information stored here will be secure. As a result, it can be used with ease and is built from HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap5, and SAAS. It is easy to use, allowing you to purchase, sell, and collect your cash immediately. The result is that it is easy to use for the promotion of digital art and the collection of cryptocurrency. 


  • Two Unique Home Pages.
  • One Unique Inner Page.
  • Multiple Uses.
  • Built with Bootstrap 5 and SCSS.
  • Variant images available.
  • Modern and clean design.
  • Slick scrolling and a sticky header.
  • Box icons and Google Fonts.
  • W3C-validated code.
  • Optimized for speed.
  • Mobile friendly.

NFT website templates can help you quickly and easily create a professional website that reflects your business. Whether you are looking for a simple platform to showcase your products or services. Another thing is an elaborate website that includes features such as e-commerce, social media integration, and event management. However, These templates will have everything you need to get started. 

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