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Best Responsive HTML Templates of 2020

There’s one similarity between all business owners and it’s that they like to maximize efficiency. For business development online it’s essential to have a website that has all the features users will love. However, it’s difficult to have everything essential and the package that can come remotely close is a multipurpose HTML template. As the name suggests, multipurpose templates can serve any role and market niches. Even if it can’t fulfill all the essential features, if you have the best responsive HTML templates it can maximize efficiency.

Just like any other web tool templates have their differences as well. If you can’t tell the difference of what template to use you’ll be the one to take a loss. Of course, you may not need a multipurpose template to use in the first place. However, that’s the biggest gap between you and your competitors. 

Web users tend to like creative HTML website templates. However, users prefer responsive templates even more. With so many kinds of templates in the market, you may get confused. Especially, if you are not a tech-savvy person you’ll love to know the best responsive HTML templates to use. Below are the 6 best responsive HTML templates any business owner will love.


Industrio is a multipurpose template geared towards business websites. Or more specifically all types of industry related to engineering and machine businesses. A template that truly lives up to its name. This is a theme largely popular with website owners who like unique and responsive design. The unique design of this template provides a professional look that any business owner will prefer. 

The premium quality of the Industrio theme will make your jaw drop. It’s not an exaggeration. It’s a business template preferred by many business owners. Obviously, there are reasons why many business lovers prefer this theme. As mentioned above, business owners tend to like to maximize efficiency. This theme does exactly that. The unique design paired with its versatile function is truly the crystallization of efficiency. Not to mention, it’s cross-browser compatible which makes your consumer experience more enjoyable. 


You need to include Saasio if you are making a list of the best responsive HTML templates. If you are a site owner who needs a lot of stuff to do on your website, then Saasio is the multipurpose template to go with. It’s one of the best creative HTML website templates even among its counterparts. Startup business owners especially prefer Saasio because of its creative design and flexible functions. 

An all-rounder is how you’ll put Saasio as. However, that doesn’t mean there’ll be any drop in performance. You don’t need to worry about that kind of thing with this template. You can customize your website fully to your heart content. The creative freedom with Saasio is one of the best in the market. 

It’s also a great template to showcase your Saas startup or you can use it with your corporate business website too. If you want to run a digital marketing agency, that’s fine too. IT solutions site? Saasio has everything you may want from a multipurpose template.


Yet another creative and flexible functioned template perfect for any type of business. More specifically, Taeled was created for startup agencies, digital marketing agencies, web agencies, and many more. You name it. Taeled is undoubtedly one of the best responsive HTML templates

Taeled is an outstanding and easy to use the template that business owners of any stage will prefer. You can quickly kick off your project with Taeled template. No matter if you are an entrepreneur or a startup agency this template will help make your website look great without losing the professional look. Not to mention, Taeled has been created with the latest technology so you’ll not need to worry about update issues. It’s also 100% responsive so you’ll love it if you are a business owner. 


If you run a construction business or anything of that kind, then you’ll love ZXP template. It’s one of the best creative HTML responsive templates geared towards the construction business. You can also use it for plumbing, plastering, business firms, carpentry, and many other business websites. 

ZXP has a creative and unique design that looks great in the eyes. Remember, users, tend to like a website that looks great even if it’s a construction website. However, it’s not the only appearance. ZXP is a versatile template that can be used by many types of business websites that are connected to the construction of that kind of business. You can’t forget it’s also responsive and compatible with many devices. Truly, one of the best responsive HTML templates.


If you are looking for the best responsive HTML templates for your consulting or business website, you can try out Finano. It’s a multipurpose template created for business, finance, and consulting businesses. One of the best parts about Finano is that you can easily customize your website using it. Not only that, it’s the ease of use is truly great. Even if you are not tech-savvy you’ll be able to use it fine. 

Finano is built with all the features you may ask from a business template. A true multipurpose template that can provide you with all the solutions for your website. Its clean and modern design is bound to look great in the user's eyes. However, that doesn’t mean your website will look unprofessional. It's the opposite rather, the selling point of Finano is looking great while retaining a professional appearance. Not to mention, it’s compatible with most devices. 


Just as the name suggests, Industrial is a multipurpose template created for the sake of business websites. More specifically, it’s created for business, finance, corporate, engineering, machinery, and many other websites. It’s 100% compatible with Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, and other devices so it’s responsive. Industrial is created with the latest technology so it’s always updated so you don’t need to worry about security vulnerabilities either. There are many other functions you’ll be able to enjoy when using it. 

Who doesn’t want the best responsive HTML templates for their websites? However, a lack of knowledge can be crucial for a business owner. Hopefully, that problem will be solved after you read this article. 

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